A new and exciting area in the SS4E newsletter highlighting products and services that either have been aligned or are in the process of being aligned to support teachers delivering Curriculum.

  •  BrainPOP UK - all BrainPOP UK animated movies and quizzes are mapped to Curriculum for Excellence and using DeepBeep their curriculum matching tool, you can quickly and easily find a movie to suit your needs. This month's spotlight is Ancient Civilisations and April's is Super Structures. Sign up for a free trial at http://www.brainpop.co.uk/freetrial/
  •  Busythings.co.uk from the publishers of Beep, has been mapped to Curriculum for Excellence experience and outcomes. Busythings.co.uk is subscription based offering over 120 educational games for three to six year olds. Teachers can view the links for each game or search for a game that is mapped to a particular experience and outcome. Early learners can create music and art, play phonics games, draw letter shapes (cursive, precursive or print), learn the letters and their sounds, create labels and captions, practice reading and spelling, play calculating, number and shape  games, play maze games, experiment with cause and effect and develop mouse skills and computer confidence. Teachers can create custom made phonics worksheets, ring ready-made work sheets, activity sheets and clip art for cutting out and display. Busythings.co.uk is used in over 3000 schools, nurseries and homes across the UK. For a FREE 28 day trial, just click here
  •  imovesdance has been mapped to Curriculum for Excellence and can be found here
  • The Office of Fair Trading's web-based toolkit, Skilled to Go has been mapped to Curriculum for Excellence
  •  Serif - Serif have produced a document showing how the Serif Design Suite supports the Technologies experiences and outcomes

  • SUMS Online - have produced a document howing how their SUMS Online Maths content fits the Numeracy experiences and outcomes.