SMART Notebook Framework Agreement

Education Scotland have successfully negotiated with SMART a brand new, easy to understand, framework agreement for Scottish Education to purchase SMART Notebook software at the most cost effective price. The framework provides upfront discounts with volume with 32% savings for customers versus current the current SMART licensing programmes.

How Does the Framework Agreement Work?

The SMART Notebook Framework Agreement is only available as a subscription and you sign up for either one, two or three years. It is based on the number of classrooms you have in your school with all classroom with a SMART Interactive Whiteboard and AV rooms having to be included in the count. Under the Agreement you have unlimited deployments of the SMART Notebook software and teachers also have Work at Home (WAH) rights.

What happens at the end of the Year?

At the end of the year you can either renew for another year or go back to what you had previous to signing up to the agreement. This will mean that you must remove all the SMART Notebook licenses from your school computers and teachers must remove the software from their home computers.

Who Can Purchase Through the Scheme?

Only eligible customers are able to purchase through Education Scotland and include

  • Early Years establishments inclusive of private nurseries
  • Primary Schools
  • Secondary Schools
  • Independent Schools
  • FE Colleges
  • HE establishments
  • Educational organisations e.g. Scottish Government, SQA, Scotland's Colleges
  • Educational and training consultants who are delivering training to Scottish educational establishments
  • Charities registered in Scotland

If you have non SMART Interactive Whiteboards in some of your classes there may be an additional cost per board.

For more information on the Framework Agreement please contact Customer Services at Education Scotland on 0131 244 3300