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"I have just finished using my imovesdance early year's program of study resources today. I have a primary two class and they absolutely loved this scheme! They were extremely motivated and enjoyed every minute. I would definitely recommend these resources to anyone." Cara McKnight, Lanarkshire

Imovesdance is an online resource designed specifically to support non dance specialists to bring dance into the classrooms and to teach PE with confidence. A whole school solution, its structured easy-to-teach approach has proved extremely popular with teachers.

With over 150 lessons, every lesson has been designed by experienced dance teachers to engage children and be easy for the non-dancer to lead. Experts demonstrate the movements via movies and the comprehensive supporting resources give teachers the confidence to deliver dance lessons.

The detailed lesson plans and "how to guides" mean minimal preparation, plus there are lots of additional resources to support topics including music designed for each topic. Read the plan, watch the movie, listen to the music and you are good to go. Imovesdance also has an assessment tool.

Simple how to Guides on how to

  • find the beat to the music
  • find the phrase in music
  • use the sic principles of dance
  • build up choreography
  • teach a less without being too active
  • how to deliver the lesson

Lesson Plans

Schemes come with easy to use interactive videos to either use directly with children or to help in the development of their own skills

  • Ready-made lesson plans
  • Music had been created for each theme which saves time sourcing suitable music
  • Interactive choreography movies as part of lessons
  • Music designed for each scheme
  • Lesson plans to help build each theme or style into a performance

Teaching PE with confidence in Primary

As well as proving resources for the non subject specialist for dance, imoves dance also support the non PE teachers. All PE areas have a progressive scheme of work that is supported with Lesson Plans, and Teaching skills movies

  • Football
  • Athletics - running, throwing, jumping and relay
  • Gymnastics
  • Pilates balance and strength

imovesdance and Curriculum for Excellence

Imovesdance has been mapped to Curriculum for Excellence to show how it can deliver experience and outcomes in

  • Expressive Arts - Dance
  • Health and Wellbeing - Physical education, physical activity and sport
  • Social Subjects - People, past events and society
Click here for the Curriculum for Excellence Mapping Document

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